Day 54 / The Don’t Die Nurses Take 2

** HELP NEEDED – If you or anyone in your family have a virus/cold or any contagious illness, please let us know so that we can do our best to avoid any sickness.

If we are sick we are not allowed to visit the girls and the boys have to be well for 5 days after any illness before they are allowed to visit them. Also when the girls come home, due to their chronic lung disease, a cold could send them back to hospital. I’m adding this today because we have had a bit of a tough week with Levi having croup and now a really nasty cold and cough. Thank you for understanding **

Today started off very normally with Ellie’s cares. Without going into too much detail she was clever enough during her cares to require her whole bed to be changed (poo disaster) which meant I got to hold her while the nurse changed her bed. The nurse barely had started when Ellie’s machines went off and the nurse promptly took Ellie back and placed her in her dirty bed. She very calmly asked another nurse for help with suction which must be a magic word because she dropped everything and hurriedly set up a suction tube. Within a minute her heart rate came right down along with her oxygen and a neopuff was needed between suctions to keep her stats going.

By the time she was stable again it was obvious that even the nurse was flustered and it was a closer call than I had realised. They think that moving her dislodged some fluid just to the wrong spot in her throat and she was not strong enough to clear it herself. Needless to say we are still quite worried about little Ellie who is still well under half her sisters weight (she lost another 18grams since her last weigh in).

Hannah on the other hand had a huge gain of 150 grams and had another good attempt at sucking a bottle today. She is also moving to 3 hourly feeds which is another step closer to coming home. I didn’t get any photos of Ellie today with all the drama so Hannah got a photo shoot to make up for her lack of feature in today’s blog.





2 thoughts on “Day 54 / The Don’t Die Nurses Take 2

  1. So glad Ellie was in such capable hands today – she keeps proving what a great little fighter she is. Hope tomorrow is less “eventful” for her (and Mummy and Daddy), just lots of boring resting and growing…
    Go Hannah with the weight gain – trust me, sweetie – it’s the only time in your life people will cheer and praise you for putting on weight!
    Hope Levi gets well soon xo


    • Gosh Matt that must’ve been scary. Thank goodness for the wonderful attentive nurse who knew what to do without panicking. Thoughts and prayers for little Ellie.
      Big high five to miss Hannah, that’s an amazing gain!


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