Day 55

Firstly an update on how yesterday ended. Ellie had another crash in the evening, her nurse suspects she is just not strong enough to deal with her reflux. Her oxygen requirements also crept up to 29% during the day and overnight. Yesterday evening they decided they would give her a blood transfusion overnight.

This morning I found out that the doctor was unable to get the cannula required for her blood transfusion in after 2 attempts and because she wasn’t urgent decided to leave her alone until today. At around midday they were able to get her cannula in first go and her transfusion began this afternoon. I rang 2 hours after it finished and was told she was much pinker (she has been quite pale for a while now), was only requiring 23% oxygen and her oxygen saturation was only fluttering lower during feeds. What a difference blood can make! It terms of her weight loss and reflux they are trialing her on the same prescription formula as Hannah.

Hannah’s oxygen saturation wasn’t at its best this morning, turns out she hadn’t pooed for two days. After a little motivation and a hug with Mum, she felt suddenly lighter (and smellier) than her 2.4kgs and her oxygen saturation went back to 100%. She did have to resume her caffeine yesterday after a few little minor episodes. However she successfully transitioned to 3 hourly feeds overnight and I am told is now a level 1 baby. She will probably be transferred later this week. While Hannah’s Mum is quite excited about this news and being one step closer to coming home, Ellie’s Mum is a little jealous and upset.


Ellie getting her much needed blood.


Hannah not letting me take a photo while her feeding tube was getting changed.



5 thoughts on “Day 55

  1. Wow, that will be tough having them in separate hospitals 😦 I suppose all we can do is hope that Ellie catches up quickly to minimise the separation. Its a whole new ball game when there is two NICU babies, isn’t it? All 6 of you are total rock stars in my eyes! Love to you all x


      • Oh phew! I thought you meant Hannah would be at St George. Not great, obviously, but glad they can stay in the same postcode!
        And BTW its not dramatic at all! Its always unsettling with these prems, you get used to things/routines etc, and it changes, and you have more new stuff to get used to! Totally understand how you feel x


  2. Being at home with two happy, healthy baby girls probably seems like a distant dream at the moment with all the joyful steps forward followed by the frightening, frustrating steps backward. I am, however, truly amazed at the unbelievable progress over the past 55 days – it’s been like watching a miracle slowly revealed. Danielle’s right – you’re all rock stars! Much love x

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