Day 56 – 8 weeks old

Ellie gained weight!!! And not just a little bit a whopping 146grams!! That’s a 13% increase in weight in 2 days. Thank you to the clever person who invented formula with broken down proteins that my babies can tolerate and gain weight on!!

It is always nice to have a successful weigh-in. Ellie has now surpassed her sisters birth weight and is 1270grams, while Hannah is a massive 2530grams.

Medically Ellie’s oxygen saturation still flutters when she gets fed (this is due to her big tummy and reflux – sound familiar), we are hoping the formula will improve this over the next few days. Hannah is doing well, her body still isn’t quite ready to poo regularly but considering she is only 35 weeks tomorrow, they are just happy to wait til her body catches up (as expected her bowel biopsy came back negative).

We have spoken about how amazing the nurses are a few times, but I’m not sure we have spoken about the doctors all that much. There are 7 consultants that rotate, a different one looks after level 3 each week and another looks after level 2 and 1. On a Wednesday they go around as a big group and discuss each baby in the whole ward. We have had 6 of the 7 so far, they are all so different and do things differently. Matt and I both have doctors that we prefer, however it is the differences in the doctors that makes the care so good. One may think of something that another wouldn’t have, needless to say we are very blessed to have the girls where they are, in the most capable hands. The fellows and registrars are excellent also.


Ellie xx

Not many photos today, my phone didn’t have much charge.



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