Day 57 – 35 weeks gestation

Hannah Rose today drank one bottle of 30mls and one bottle of 20mls. She is having about 52mls every 3 hours, those bottles are a great start for a 35 weeker, they don’t anticipate them doing too well with suck feeds til about 36 weeks. Go Hannah! I also got to give Hannah her second ever bath today, that was nice.

Elizabeth Grace is doing well. Her oxygen saturation isn’t dropping as much after feeds and they are trying a few things to help with that (it has to do with her digestive system, rather than her cronic lung disease).

Below is the Red Cross Blood Bank Facebook page – Hannah is currently staring, to help inspire others to donate.

Roy is running his 21k for Premature Babies on Sunday. He has had some setbacks with an injury and a cold, some more donations my help him push through! If you are able let’s help him crack the $3000 mark.



Not sure she could tilt her head back any further. She also kicked Hannah off my chest and into the arm of the chair again today.



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