Day 58

The girls are both doing well. Ellie is tolerating her formula so they began making it more concentrated today to give her extra nutrients and extra calories (it’s all about the calories with these kids). I also think Ellie is now on 2mls of oil per kilo twice a day. The oil is very similar to coconut oil it is purely fat to make them gain weight quickly. Both the girls are battling a little reflux, this is normal for premmies. They just lucked out because it is normal for my babies anyway, poor things.



Getting cosy after Mumma hugs.


Girly frills! (to bad she threw up on it 15mins later)


Hello world, see I am big! *Ellie


5 thoughts on “Day 58

  1. I’m guessing Anne means the one where she looks like she is glaring at the camera – such a serious face! Hannah looking cute in her pink-trimmed onesie, but you need counselling Deb – it is apparent having had only boys till now that you are unaware of the definition of “girly frills”. As a grandmother of 2 girls who love “girly frills” I can tell you it means literally layer upon layer of (preferably) pink tulle and as many miscellaneous sparkly gizmos as you can fit on said tulle. Or is it more likely that your daughters will be in t shirt, cargo pants and sneakers?? No points for guessing the answer to that one, huh?
    It seems we’re all picking on you for your photo captions – sorry!
    PS Don’t let that stop you posting those photos – loving them!!


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