Day 59

Not much to report today. Both the girls tummies are looking better. Ellie is still needing the occasional suction to help her with the vomiting associated with her reflux, we are hoping as she grows bigger and older she will be more capable of getting it all the way up to her mouth and out everytime on her own. Hannah is doing OK with her bottles, they have put medicine in her mere 10mls of milk the last two days and she doesn’t like that, plus she throws a portion of it up at the moment – the doctors have requested no medicine be put in her bottle. If Ellie get approval by her doctor the girls will get their 6 week immunisations tomorrow or Monday.

They are both still SUPER cute.



100 grams off being twice her original size and still small next to my hands.


4 thoughts on “Day 59

  1. The photo with your hand spun me and Andy out today. I forget how tiny they are, especially Ellie. They are cuter and cuter every day – that won’t stop happening ever! Lots of love J. xx


  2. You wonder what she was dreaming about to put that smile on her face! Before I read Jen’s comment I was looking at the photo, noticing that your thumb was the length of Ellie’s face and longer than her forearm and suddenly realised just how tiny she is. (You would think I might have figured that out by now!)
    Yup, two little miracles indeed – very cute ones at that x


    • Yeah, I try to give people perspective but anyone who meets them still gets a bit of a shock at how small they actually are. As I said above they seem big to me, especially Hannah. ‘Full size’ newborns look like toddlers to me now.


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