Day 60

The biggest news of the day, Hannah celebrated her Poppy running 21km by moving to level 1 tonight. Level 1 focuses on teaching the babies to either breast or bottle feed and get rid of their feeding tubes. Hannah will also need to get off her caffeine. At my request they said they would teach her slowly so that the girls can stay together for as long as possible. It takes some weeks anyway, Hannah will have to go from 3 to 4 hourly feeds and be able to drink that amount of milk without tiring.

Ellie has had a good day. Not to much has changed with her, her oxygen levels sit between 21 and 29, this can depend on what nurse she has or if she needs to poo or what kind of day she is having. Ellie is very much acting like a big baby, searching for food and making sucking sounds and putting her fingers in her mouth. Unfortunately for Ellie they can’t have suck feeds while on CPAP they need to be on high flow or less. Hopefully her breathing keeps improving so that she can enjoy a bottle soon.

Weigh-in day tomorrow……

I just want to say a big thank you to Roy who ran a half marathon in honour of the girls today and to raise money for some amazing life saving equipment that will support the prems that will continue to come after Ellie and Hannah.



Feeding Ellie during hugs.


Hugs with Hannah before her cares and feed.


Running for Ellie and Hannah.


Finishing the run.


7 thoughts on “Day 60

  1. So, Hannah needs to take her sweet time to progress with her feeding regimen and Ellie needs to play super catch-up with her breathing to be able to start on bottle feeds – got that girls? Hope they are as attentive and compliant as they are cute and feisty!
    Well done to Roy – I turned 60 years old on the same day the twins turned 60 days old and know for a fact that I could not have completed the half marathon that Roy did! The fund raising results for the day were fabulous – congrats to all xo

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