Day 61

It was daddy’s turn to visit the girls again today and it was a little surreal going into Level 1 to visit Hannah. She looked huge after not seeing her for a whole week. Turns out she has put on another 200g since last weigh in a few days ago. As good as weight is for premmies they are now going to look at slowing her down a little. She also guzzled 35mls from her bottle which was great but she did have troubles later on and threw up so they are going to limit her on this as well.

Ellie put on 62 grams which is two weight gains in a row. This is really exciting and we just need her breathing to catch up a little. They are going to try a diuretic to help get some fluid off her lungs as she should be breathing better than this by now.

Both girls caused no fuss during their cares and promptly fell asleep afterwards leaving their dad standing around awkwardly and then traveling between level one and three. As much as I am terrified of bringing them out of the hospital one day the novelty of driving for over 2 hours to spend 20 minutes interacting with them is becoming a little difficult.13224251_10153570775355808_1709862230_o


Hannah reviewing her most recent bottle feed before falling asleep




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