Day 62

Hannah is actually 2.8kgs and the biggest baby currently in level 1! During twin hugs today she looked like a giant compared to Ellie. Hannah also had her last dose of caffeine on Sunday and so far is doing really well without it. In level 1 they are focusing on home so their main focus is getting her digestive tract working all on it’s own and slowly teaching her to drink all of her milk via a bottle. To aid in this she has been started on a laxative and is having two regular small bottles (10-15mls) everyday.

Ellie is currently on a variety of drugs. Largely to help her get off the bubble CPAP and onto high flow. The new drug added today was one to control her reflux, hopefully this will begin to work in the next 2-3 days. Ellie’s reflux is currently causing her the most trouble and stopping her from progressing on her breathing. They generally do not like to prescribe reflux medication for premmies, but in this case it is essential to get her to the next stage of her journey home. Ellie has also been on a laxitive and a regular suppository for a few days to help her combat CPAP belly and help her breath more easily.

The girls are sporting new medals on their beds today, provided by the hard work of their Poppy. Ellie’s nurse commented they have well and truly run their own half marathons so far and have earned them. Thanks again Roy.


Proud of our medals


Proud of our medals


Ellie Belly (as known by one of her favourite nurses)




Me and my girls xx


5 thoughts on “Day 62

  1. I just had to say, wow, Hannah you little super star! Sam came home at 38 weeks weighing 2.64kg, so I’m very impressed with her 2.8kg. You go girl!!


    • She’s 36 weeks on Thursday….. she is big, was in the 90 percentile on ultrasounds. At least they can cut back on some of her extra calories now. The nurses are hoping that will help her digestive tract work a bit better.


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