Day 63

Ellie gained another 50grams, she is up to 1.4kgs!!! If all goes well she will be able to be in a big girl bed like her sister when she hits 1.5kgs (may have mentioned that previosly but I’m excited!). If she continues the way she has been they will trial her on high flow on the weekend. She will be incredibly excited to get rid of her CPAP/NAVA head gear after 5 weeks! She is now getting 10mls of concentrated formula every hour. On a side note, Ellie did a little vomit during twin hugs and Hannah was kind enough to rub it all over my chest (trouble makers).

Hannah has probably gained weight (I forgot to weigh her though, so will find out after her 7pm cares). She is still going well off her caffeine and if this continues she will be off all her monitoring on Sunday. She also drank 42mls out of her bottle this afternoon.

If Ellie keeps going as she has been, the girls will be able to get their 6 week immunisation next week.


2 thoughts on “Day 63

  1. All wonderful news of such amazing progress (with maybe the exception of Hannah fingerpainting on Mummy’s chest). Then again, maybe that was wonderful news too – nice to hear about your precious bubbas doing all those typical messy newborn things xo


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