Day 64 – 36 weeks

Well my first true initiation into being a Mum of two newborns today. During twin hugs the girls were very wiggly and squirmy (making it hard to start), then Hannah started crying I assumed she was hungry (I had forgotten she gets overheated during hugs and she had a blanket on today). Anyway I was trying to calm her down and had my arm over Ellie, who had just had a feed, a nurse came over and asked if she was OK, I answered yes she is just hungry and she said no Ellie. I look down and Ellie is a nice tinge of grey, getting a little blue around the mouth (silent babies are always the ones to look out for especially while feeding) anyway the nurse took her, suctioned her out, neopuffed her, she did a big vomit and her stats picked back up (slightly abbreviated but you get it). In the mean time another nurse took Hannah and helped to cool her down, as I had realised what her problem was by then. Needless to say, two babies are hard work!

It was very obvious Ellie’s problem was her tummy and reflux rather than her actual breathing, so while she was so awake they changed her to high flow!!!!! At this stage I had to go to level 1 to change, bath and feed Hannah. But when I came back an hour later my little princess was lying face first in her blanket (not achievable with her head gear on) in air and saturating at 100% (that’s great for those who haven’t had a NICU baby). Very exciting, she did get cranky about having her feeding tube put through her nose instead of her mouth, but that is her fault for pulling it out (silly duffer). I rang when I got home at 5 and she was still doing super well. Go Ellie!!! She looks much more comfortable as well.

Hannah looked super fresh after her bath (only third one ever) I have to say after a good head wash her hair was all cute and fluffy and a much lighter brown than I thought is was originally. I’m pegging their eyes for brown/hazel (Hannah’s have started to change already). She put on a nice little 16grams, after her 246grams gain on Sunday.


It was hard to get a good photo in the dark and while she was face planted.


Hungry during her bath so she decided to lick the water off her arm.



4 thoughts on “Day 64 – 36 weeks

  1. Love today’s post and those pics of Hannah – wow! She’s perfection!
    Ellie made me laugh, reminded me of Sam. The nurses would try and rotate him around to help his head get a good shape, but if he wasn’t sleeping on his tummy, then he’d protest with non-stop braddys and desats until he was put back to face-down. Must be something about the reflux? I dunno. But to this day, at almost 4 years old, as soon as he climbs into bed, he is straight to face-down and nods off immediately, lying exactly like he did in his humidcrib. I bet Ellie is the same! X

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  2. You clever little girls!
    First good look at Ellie’s perfect little head shape without the snorkel on – must be an INCREDIBLE relief for her to ditch it. Mouth tubes, nose tubes blah blah blah – can you imagine how much those two are going to enjoy their first Vegemite sandwich??
    How cute is the photo of Hannah having a lick of the bath water on her arm!
    Keep on keeping on, Team Humphreys!!

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