Day 65

Ellie is still on high flow!! She is staying on the drugs that enabled her to get to high flow for a little longer, but is looking very comfortable with her breathing at the moment. She is still having some troubles with reflux and vomits at each feed and at times not managing to get it all up herself. They have changed her from hourly feeds to feeds every two hours and are running the feed over 1/2hr rather than just letting it run through her tube quickly. They are hoping these changes will help her tummy cope better.

Hannah is doing well. She did some poos all on her over over the last two days and is going up and down with her bottles. It is hard because depending on what nurse is right there while she is getting her bottle will depend on what their ideas are. Some say lots of little bottles are best, while others say just let her drink as much as she wants. This second method can wear her out at times and means she may not take another bottle for 12 or more hours. But we are happy for her to learn slowly at this stage.

I loved my hatless Ellie hugs today, very special.


Solo hugs to celebrate Ellie’s new look.


6 thoughts on “Day 65

  1. Hi Deb, such a beautiful photo of you and Ellie . I have been an avid follower of your blog, I am so inspired by your family and send you love and I am sending all my prayers to God . Xx

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