Day 67

Nate and Levi have been complaining about not getting to see their Mummy so it was Dad’s turn to visit the girls while the boys hung out with Deb.

Ellie is still making very small steps and they had to turn her high flow pressure back up overnight and will attempt to bring it back down tomorrow after she has had a rest. She did have her first suck of a bottle today and managed to drink 3mls of the 5mls offered. She was given lots of praise from the nurse and her dad and responded by throwing up all over her Dad’s stomach during hugs.

Hannah continues to fly along. She put on another 130grams and is now just shy of 3kgs meaning she has the biggest weight advantage in level one if they decide to introduce baby wrestling tournaments…..which is unlikely. After demolishing her 65ml bottle today she is well on her way to coming home and it looks like we have purchased our new larger size car just in time!

Fr Mick, who had a quintuple heart bypass just days ago, was able to visit the girls today which was an amazing blessing to come out of two difficult circumstances. His hospital bed is just a 5 minute dawdle from the girls



5 thoughts on “Day 67

  1. Wow Matt. Big day for you and the girls. Fr. Mick is looking amazing, hadn’t heard about his surgery. Please say hi for me and wish him a speedy recovery. Congrats on your vehicle purchase. Won’t be long till you’re filling it up! Love Jen. x

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  2. What great photoes. How lovely to have Father Mick visit. I guess it wasn’t in the plan to have him resident in the hospital as well as the girls!


  3. Hannah is looking like any typical newborn – love the “chilled” sleeping pose!
    Congrats to Ellie on her first bottle – even if it didn’t stay down long – such a big achievement. I get a real sense of her size, looking at how huge the no doubt tiny bottle looks in her mouth.
    How wonderful that Fr Mick visited – must have been a great moment for all – he and the girls can spur each other on to leave hospital ASAP!
    Love to all x


  4. It’s great to see all the patients looking and doing so well. The three of them have definitly had their struggles and hopefully they are all in the home stretch now! Perhaps there is a race on between Ellie and Fr Mick as I think Hannah will beat them both xx

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  5. Looking good for the three patients. Lovely to hear the girls are making progress, Fr Mick looking great too, which is nice to see!


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