Day 68

Firstly – Happy Birthday Deb. I think anyone who reads this blog would agree she is an amazing and inspiring person who deserves many blessings on her birthday. Today I left the house at 6:15am and am still to go home (currently 10pm), so today she has been looking after the boys.

Today started with the news that Ellie had lost 45 grams which wasn’t great but half expected with all the diuretics she is on. They are increasing her feeds and cutting out one of her drugs in the hope she can put on weight. For now she has a while longer to spend in her humidi-crib. She will also get her vaccinations tonight to catch up to her sister.

Hannah is still doing great and threatens to come home every day. The nurses are still wanting her tummy a little smaller before they let her go though.

Both girls had their final head scans today and were all clear of any bleeds.


Hannah getting a headscan



Settling Ellie after her cares




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