Day 69

After two, much needed, days away it was nice to see the girls. Ellie looks older, the diuretics have taken away all her steroid and previous medications swelling. She is having a very stable day and the only vomit in the last 24hrs was all over me and my shirt during hugs this morning (her way of saying hello after two days without her Mum). There were no changes today, except she will receive the second part of her 6 week vaccinations today (she had the 1st needle yesterday).

Hannah looks amazing and is doing very well. She is attempting to have a bottle every second feed at the moment, after a full 24hrs we will know if this wears her out too much. She also had  her hearing test and passed – she won’t have to be re-tested for 12 months. Otherwise Hannah is still just cruising along.




One thought on “Day 69

  1. Brilliant, Hannah! Lovely photo of her on your lap – looks like she is waving hello at the camera with her left hand – that, or “would you go away and let Mum get on with giving me my bottle!”
    Ellie looks so content snuggled up to Mummy – hope she continues to win the battle with her tummy troubles.
    Both girls just look so “cuddleable”- can’t wait to give them one xo


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