Day 70- 10 weeks old!

Ellie celebrated her 10 week birthday with an impressive weight gain, she is now 1530grams!!! Hannah cracked the 3kg mark!

Ellie is having a little bit of trouble with her breathing today, it could be her immunisations, her big tummy or her slightly lower level of red blood cells. The reflux also contributes to her oxygen saturation fluttering. She is slowly getting bigger so we are hoping that helps. We are very proud of Ellie’s big weight gain and she is even on diuretics.

Hannah is having a bottle every second feed and whenever she wakes for it during the night. She is only leaving 10-20mls, if that, each bottle. Clever girl.

I want to celebrate the girls 10 week birthday by saying thank you to some people.

Firstly we have reached 45 blood donations!! That is 4.5 people donating every week, THANK YOU! You have helped save many many lives! If you haven’t yet donated and are able to remember to join the Hannah Rose Ellie Grace RED25 group (5 more donations are needed in the next 2 weeks to reach our original target of 50 donations by the time the girls are 3 months old).

Thank you to all the people who sponsored Roy’s half marathon, you have contributed to a machine that will make necessary procedures (for any baby that is in level 3 for over 5 days) much quicker and less stressful for the baby. You have also contributed to research in PDAs (the open heart valve that Ellie had) and the possible use of paracetamol as a treatment. THANK YOU!

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of the meal rosters – the caring group, Marie’s group and Gen’s Bosco Primary school group and all of those that have provided us with additional meals and groceries. It has made life so much easier and most importantly allowed me to spend what little time I have with my boys, who have noticed my absence. THANK YOU!

Thank you to all those people that have contributed to petrol, take-away coffees, parking and other general hospital related costs, your contributions have been a great blessing (and the coffee helps with the early morning drives) THANK YOU!

Most importantly thank you to everyone who has journeyed with us. Some of you have been on board since I was 11 weeks pregnant, when we starting having problems, last November. Thank you for your support, love, understanding and prayers. Of all the things we are grateful for, it is all of you that have had the greatest impact. Some of you we have never met, some are our closest friends and family – it is all of you together that have helped us get through this last 6 months and these last 10 weeks in particular. THANK YOU!



4 thoughts on “Day 70- 10 weeks old!

  1. We have been so lucky to be able to help such a loving and caring family. You have been so generous to many now it’s your turn and it’s been a wonderful and humbling experience travelling with you over the past six months. Thank you for sharing your life with us. All our love mum and dad xx.

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  2. Happy 10 weeks to two very special little girls. I’m sure, Deb, that anyone who has done anything for you and your family over the past months has found it effortless – you are all just so easy to love. Everyone is watching in amazement and willing the happiest of outcomes for all xo


  3. It has been an incredible journey so far, and I have enjoyed reading your blog every day. Our prayers are so far being answered. Hannah and Ellie have become a part of my life, and I am blessed to have been part of their journey. Thanks Deb and Matt xx


  4. Love reading your blogs and getting the updates on the girls progression, My thoughts and prayers have been with you through this long journey.
    it is great to hear that the girls have both put on weight and I am looking forward to the day when I can meet them both xoxo


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