Day 72

Ellie is still on high flow!! Her blood transfusion went well, she was still working a bit hard at her breathing this morning but seemed to improve throughout the day. Her oxygen requirement came day throughout the day also. Tonight she has been put back into a house (humidicrib) as it was a bit much for her to maintain her temperature, they can lose weight if they have to work at this too hard. She did lose 30g today which brings her to exactly 1.5kgs. My little darling is also telling everyone that she is now 37 weeks, she has been crying and whinging for her feeds today and is sucking on anything she can get her mouth on. Unfortunately with the level she is currently requiring on her breathing support she isn’t allowed to have a bottle.

Hannah isn’t finishing her bottles as well as she has been the last two days, but is managing 3 bottles in 24 hours (she has 7 feeds a day). Steps backwards are expected as with everything these girls do, she is just showing a few signs of fatigue as she is putting more work into getting her milk.



One thought on “Day 72

  1. So relieved to hear Ellie is still on high flow – Ellie, you keep on protesting for a bottle – at every turn you prove you are an extraordinary fighter!
    My little great nieces – remember, we want the steps forward to outnumber the steps backward xo


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