Day 73

Not too much to report today. Ellie is quite settled and happy today, not too much crying or whinging. We had afternoon hugs today instead of morning ones, which was a nice change for us both.

Hannah is now doing two suck feeds, then one tube feed, then two suck feeds, etc. She still isn’t finishing every bottle but is doing extremely well with this routine. Overnight they still tend to only give her a bottle if she is really waking up for it.

Back to morning visits tomorrow and a reminder to myself of how far the girls have come, particularly Ellie – slow and steady wins the race.



2 thoughts on “Day 73

  1. If having “not too much to report” means that there have been no medical dramas/moments of crisis, then I’m very happy for you – bring on the boredom, I say!
    Sounds like the girls are thriving – considering they are still supposed to not be in the outside world yet and that Ellie is twice the size she was born with Hannah three times her birth weight, not to mention the number of problems they have each overcome – yes, it’s most definitely a case of reminding yourself how far they have come.
    Without detracting from the brilliant work of all the doctors and nurses plus all the high tech equipment plus the power of so many people praying for the girls – you should not underestimate the input of all those Mummy (and Daddy) hugs and tenderness in getting the girls so very far!


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