Day 74

Well chubba chops Hannah gained another 160grams (since Wednesday), bringing her to just over 3.2kgs. She drained her bottle for me and seems to be feeding well. Once she is taking all her bottles and she regularly opens her bowels, we could finally have a baby at home! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel and the prospect of weeks instead of months.

Ellie belly or as I like to call her sometimes, smelly Ellie (she gets her laxative not long before morning hugs so they tend to be on the smelly side), was awake for about 1 1/2hrs. She was lifting her head up off my chest and looking around and pulling faces at me and licking me. She is still extremely uncomfortable getting feeds due to her reflux but her oxygen levels stayed in the low twenties overnight and all day today. It is looking like all those prayers and the blood transfusion worked – she is comfortable on high flow again. She gets weighed tonight or early tomorrow morning, I’m hoping the diuretics won’t stop her gaining some much needed weight.


Hannah bananah and Mummy


2 thoughts on “Day 74

  1. Hannah’s cheeks are wider in the photo than yours, Deb – remarkable!!
    Love the mental image of Ellie licking you – maybe she was channeling her inner cat?
    Lovely news day xo

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  2. Chubba bubba – just want to squish those cheeks 💖 Come on Ellie, you can do it! Hope you are ok Deb only a matter of weeks and you will be all together in your home xx


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