Day 75

It was Daddy’s turn to visit the girls again today and there was a rare opportunity for me to have twin hugs. Holding both the girls together was presented the physical reality of what I knew mentally – Hannah is more than twice as big as Ellie. The nurses kept telling me how cute is was to see the girls together but I couldn’t help but feel for Ellie who is struggling along at such a slow pace.

The girls also had their eyes tested today, and Hannah got a clear report but they were very concerned about Ellie. She has had an aggressive decline since her last scan and if they get another bad result on Wed they will be booking her in for surgery immediately to try to save her eyesight.

It is a real challenge knowing that the number of days on this blog will go well into three figures, but we also celebrate the answered prayers that the girls would make it into this world at all, let alone do as well as they have done so far.


Twin hugs with Daddy

13323946_10153596221015808_1015905449_o (1).jpg

Hannah spent 20 minutes staring at her little sister


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