Day 77 – 11 weeks old

Ellie’s eye test went well. There was no change to her eyes which was the best possibly outcome. She will have another eye test on Monday and then have regularly weekly tests. She lost 30grams today and the doctors worked out she has only gained 40grams this week, so they are putting a long line back in. This was the cause of her infections previously so it was thoroughly debated among the doctors, it was decided the benefits outweigh the risks. It is currently a vital time for growth and brain development so they will be able to give her additional nutrients to help her through her long line.

Hannah is being given a bottle anytime she wakes up for a feed. She gained 85 grams today which a more sedate gain. The more bottles she has the more her weight gains will be like a ‘regular’ newborns, about 150 grams a week (Hannah has gained a little over 200 grams this week).

Unfortunately I have a cold and am not allowed to visit the girls. Hopefully I recover quickly.



4 thoughts on “Day 77 – 11 weeks old

  1. Good news Deb, God certainly has Ellie under his care 💜💜. Hope you are better real quick Deb, take care. Love Aunty Maria and Uncle Doug x x x x


  2. Time for you to take care of you – the separation will make the next cuddles with your girls all the sweeter.
    That’s great news about Ellie’s eyesight – hopefully the long line will help her get that bit closer to the wonderful target of going home to her family – she has made it abundantly clear to everyone what a little trooper she is!
    Well done Hannah – now how about channeling some of that weight gain your sister’s way? That’s not the last time a grown up is going to give you a talk about “it’s good to share”…
    Get well soon, Deb xx


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