Day 79

Ellie gained 120 grams! The doctors were very happy about this. They aren’t challenging Ellie in any way at the moment (breathing feeding, etc) their main focus is getting her to gain weight. I assume she will stay in her little ‘house’ to encourage this too – just to save calories that would be burnt trying to maintain her temperature. Ellie and Daddy had some nice settled hugs today.

Hannah is tubeless! Just as a trial to see if she can handle having all bottle feeds. They will also change her to 4 hourly feeds. This will mean she has to drink more but won’t have to wake up as frequently and should be hungrier for her feeds and hopefully more awake!

I’m still staying away from the hospital, longest I have gone without seeing my girls so far. I’m up to the coughing stage so hopefully not too much longer.




Ellie has been enjoying her extra Daddy time.

2 thoughts on “Day 79

  1. Brilliant news about Ellie’s weight gain – well done Ellie!
    I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see Hannah for the first time sans tubes – go Hannah!
    It’s hard not to use exclamation marks when commenting on such obvious wonderful measures of the girls’ progress.
    You must be so fretting for your girls, Deb – hope the dreaded bug leaves you very soon xo


  2. Wireless baby! Yippee, such a technological leap, this means one step closer to home. So looking forward to visiting. Our little pocket rocket does it again. She never disappoints. Good news day Debba. Bet your boys are enjoying mum time even if the girls are missing you. Lucky for such an incredible Dad. xx


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