Day 82 – Mummy returns

It was possibly a day or two early but I couldn’t stay away anymore. Some drugs dried me up and reduced my coughing (only had to run out of the NICU 3 times to cough away from the babies and staff). There was no keeping me away today after yesterday.

Ellie looked (I’m told) much better today than yesterday, her oxygen requirements have more than halved and they were even able to lower the pressure of her ventilator throughout the day. The results haven’t all come in yet, but infection is dropping down the list of possible reasons for her set back.

Ellie had her follow-up eye test today and one eye is now a further stage along, they are taking this opportunity while she is already intubated and doing her laser eye surgery. All the transferring and moving around, plus the general anesthetic normally sets babies back about 3 days (hopefully she recovers quickly). The nice eye surgeon will try to put Ellie on his Wednesday list (bumping elective surgeries if necessary). Due to this the doctors will not go to any extra efforts to wean Ellie off her ventilator, they will just adjust it to what she is requiring.

Hannah is doing very well. Her reflux is playing up a little but that could have been because she has been guzzling bottles larger than she is required to drink (she has been on the same reflux medication as Ellie for a couple of days now). She has been put onto a regular formula and appears to be tolerating it well at this stage.

Here’s to an even better tomorrow!


13382236_10153760445801298_948377635_n (1)

Ignore the tongue, it makes her look a bit silly.


Same size nest, she is much bigger now (8-10 weeks ago).


2 thoughts on “Day 82 – Mummy returns

  1. Every possible good wish for Ellie with her latest round of battles – hope that feistiness serves her well. Great news of Hannah’s wonderful progress. Hope you are feeling better Deb. xo


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