Day 83 – Silver clouds with grey linings

In my head today was going to be a perfect day full of ‘silver clouds’, unfortunately Ellie caught wind of my plans and decided to add a touch of ‘grey linings’. (I know it is normally the other way around, but I am trying my hardest to make the positive a bigger part of my day).

First up grey linings, Ellie’s ventilation tube shifted/became blocked with secretions, either way she had a nice big crash right in front of my eyes (and the 12 doctors and nurses around her). This was the biggest crash I am aware of and wasn’t the greatest thing to witness. However the consultant (who was one of the twelve) believes her lungs are actually quite good at the moment and there were other things at play, this means she is still getting her eye surgery tomorrow. She is first up and means I get to leave the house at 6am to see her before she goes in. After she recovers from surgery, they will actively try to get her off the ventilator.

Silver clouds, Hannah is home! That’s right she is currently in her bassinet 2 metres away from me grunting away (reflux grunts). It was a little surreal just walking out with her. (She is now in my arms) It was a challenging drive home, after seeing Ellie crash and then Hannah being quiet during the drive, I did force myself not to be paranoid (but have decided to get a mirror so I can see her). Due to traffic and leaving the hospital 2 hours later than I planned, Hannah said hello to her brothers and Dad with a nice bout of hungry crying. The boys were super excited to see her, Levi more than I thought he would be. A time for celebrating! And hoping Mummy can get out the door at 6am with a newborn to cheer on her sister.



Very excited boys


Happy Mummy


Home time for our big baby

8 thoughts on “Day 83 – Silver clouds with grey linings

  1. Welcome home Hannah! What a wonderful moment for you all to have her home.
    I hope all goes well for Ellie with her surgery tomorrow and I will be praying that they can get to the bottom of what is causing the issues and she can get off that ventilator in the not to distant future xx

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  2. Boy, you sure know how to spring a surprise – happy homecoming to Hannah!!!
    Hope all goes well for Ellie tomorrow – wishing you a Day 84 of silver clouds with silver linings.
    Much love xo

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  3. What a day. Talk about a roller coaster. So happy for all of you, that Hannah is finally home with all the family. It has surely been a long journey for her. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with Ellie. Stay stronger little one xx


  4. Oh wow! What fantastic news to read that Hannah is home. I am so thrilled for you all. Prayers continuing for little Ellie xxx


  5. Welcome home Hannah. This is the best news ever! It brought tears to my eyes. Now I can’t wait to hear the good news when Ellie gets to come home and complete your beautiful family. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. xx


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