Day 84 – 12 weeks old

Well Hannah was home for a whole 11hrs before we pushed off at 540am to go and visit her sister. When we arrived the nurse was dubious about her surgery today not confident she would handle all the transfers involved in getting her to the operating theatre. The anesthetist came to review her and said she couldn’t come to theatres, at this stage Ellie’s consultant was still happy for the surgery to go ahead. After discussions with the surgeon it was decided they would be able to perform the surgery in a side room in the NICU.

So Ellie’s fragile state was actually a massive blessing, she was still able to get her much needed eye surgery and instead of being with strangers the consultant on this week stayed with her and monitored her ventilation the entire time (she was requiring slightly less support after the procedure due to this) and two incredible nurses that were looking after Ellie today also stayed for the entire procedure adjusting her medication and pain killers (morphine, again) as needed. I felt so much happier knowing these people were with her. The procedure that usually takes a minimum of 1 hour took less than an hour and Ellie did amazingly. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.

When I rang this evening all her support was reduced. She is slowly being weened off some of her drugs, this will continue tomorrow in the hope that she will be extubated on Friday. Go Ellie!!!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support today. I did get a lot of messages today (thank you) so I didn’t get to reply to you all. Hannah had a wonderful first night – she was a little refluxy early on so needed some Mumma hugs (and Mumma needed some Hannah hugs, so it worked out well) but otherwise slept and fed well.



2 thoughts on “Day 84 – 12 weeks old

  1. Sometimes your posts have me grinning like a cheshire cat and this was one of those moments. Soooooo happy you all got your silver clouds with silver linings day! Little trooper Ellie does it again. Get some much earned rest xo

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  2. Glad to hear that Ellie’s surgery was able to be carried out yesterday Deb. The Doctors and Nurses all sound so amazing. Good to hear that Hannah had a good 1st day at home too. Love and hugs to all
    Bridget and the Gang


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