Day 85 – 39 weeks gestation

Well Hannah is settling in nicely. She has learnt the word lunch and on cue cries unless I stand up with her in the sling. She has also decided lying in a sling for hours on end at the hospital is not her favourite thing to do and finds it quite exhausting and today managed to vomit all through it (the poor girl has hardly been home since her discharge). Due to us both being a little tired today we left the hospital a little earlier than planned for a sneaky rest at home. Hannah didn’t get the memo and after being annoyed at being held all morning would only sleep if I held her. Despite all that she is the best ‘newborn’ I have ever had. She self settles most times and only cries every 4 hours for feeds (unless I have the rare opportunity for a rest, lucky she is cute) – some positives from a 12 weeks hospital stay.

Ellie is quite stable today. They are working at weening her muscle relaxant and possibly her morphine, however this is a tough job for the nurses because they have to find the balance between her being awake enough to extubate tomorrow and sedated enough to not get upset and fight against the tube in her throat. This afternoon her nurse and the consultant were working at this balance and are still confident of trying to extubate her tomorrow, yay! What a massive 5 days for our little darling.

I will remember to take photos tomorrow I promise – actually it’s Matt’s turn to go in, I will make sure he remembers.



2 thoughts on “Day 85 – 39 weeks gestation

  1. Hope you and Hannah enjoy your day at home together tomorrow and that Matt gets to report how smoothly Ellie’s extubation went – there’s my wish for day 86.
    Remarkable isn’t it, that there is still one week to go till they would/should have been born!?

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