Day 87 & 88

Sorry for the very late post. Matt and I got called into the hospital yesterday afternoon because Ellie is very sick. She did make some improvements overnight but needs lots of prayers to pull through.

When we first arrived the girls had twin hugs and Ellie seemed to enjoy Hannah’s touch, she doesn’t like anyone else touching her at the moment.


Sister love.

We also decided to get Ellie baptised last night. It was nice and quiet in the ward. As all babies do she did not appreciate it when Matt got to put a little water on her head. We are still staying positive and Ellie will be able to receive a special blessing at Hannah’s baptism.


Elizabeth Grace’s baptism

Matt and I (and Hannah) have been given a bed just down the corridor from Ellie for last night and tonight. At this stage we have everything we need. We do ask for whatever you feel comfortable with in the way of prayers, positive energy, good vibes – whatever, Ellie needs all she can get. Thanks.





15 thoughts on “Day 87 & 88

  1. Sending lots of love and prayers to you all. We will pray for st Gerard’s intercession for Ellie. May God Bless you all during this time, may God heal, Bless and give Ellie all the strength she needs to get through this difficult time. ❤️🙏🏻❤️


  2. Sending all the prayers, good vibes and positivity we can muster your way- hang in there, little Miss Ellie – there is a massive number of people out there just willing you to get better xx


  3. Ellie, you are the very definition of courage. So tiny and so mighty. We are all cheering you on little warrior. Love and light to all of you xo


  4. Can’t stop thinking about Ellie and how you guys are coping.
    Sending as many healthy, healing and getting better thoughts that I can in your direction.


  5. Praying for baby Ellie and her family. Love, thoughts and best wishes to you all and hope little Ellie makes a speedy recovery. With prayers to St Gerard Majella I’m sure she will. Hope all goes well


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