Day 90

Another day has passed since Ellie’s big crash. She has gone another 24 hours without a major episode, her swelling has reduced and her oxygen requirements have improved ever so slightly. That said, our little girl has been been lying limp and unresponsive for four days now and is still heavily dependent on the drugs keeping her this way. The blood results have shown she has 3 major infections in her blood and one of them is also in her lungs. A heart scan is due tomorrow to check it hasn’t also crept into her heart and an abdominal ultrasound to check for pockets of infections or other causes of infection.

She is also receiving her 7th lot of platelets tonight, so thank you once again to generous people who are able to give blood.

As difficult as it has been seeing her this way, when the doctors asked what we would like them to do if she crashes again, it was an easy answer – ‘Do everything you can.’

We are trying to find a balance of the huge hope we have for Ellie alongside preparing ourselves for what could be around the corner. Thank you again for all the extra prayers and support over the last few days.



8 thoughts on “Day 90

  1. “Hope springs eternal”. Ellie, your cheer squad is still out there for you, gorgeous girl. Wish you could hear us all.
    Long distance hugs xo


  2. we may be a long way away, but we all have you in our thoughts and prayers, amazingly beautiful family – Megs, James, Emma and Owen Jack xxxxxxx


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