Day 91 – Halfway update

Given all that is happening with Ellie I am taking an opportunity to quickly update on her progress so far today. She did have a small crash last night but had built up enough strength to manage it without too many problems. Her heart scan today was clear, which is the first bit of good news in a while!

She is awaiting a stomach scan later today to confirm their suspicion that there is a problem there. The Infection control specialist arranged a meeting with Deb and I this morning to discuss Ellie’s triple blood infection. It is quite unusual to have this many infections at once and she certainly has a fight ahead of her.


4 thoughts on “Day 91 – Halfway update

  1. Thank you for the update, Matt – excellent news about Ellie’s heart – with the glass half full, we will all wait for more good news. Take good care of each other xo


  2. Thank you for updating, I think you know how many await these updates with anxious but hopeful hearts. You remain always in our prayers. Also, Francis has included your family in the prayer intentions at his school.

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