Day 91 – Second Half

Ellie has also done well with her abdominal ultrasound. There are no pockets of infection, just an enlarged liver and spleen which is expected considering her blood infections. She has passed two big danger zones (heart and abdominal) for infection and I think the brain is next on the list of scans. They can only do so many scans at a time as the stimulation causes Ellie a lot of stress. If these infections get into any major organs they will cause major havoc.

Ellie currently looks like a Simpsons character, she is quite yellow, and some things are being done to correct the jaundice. She is confusing the doctors by being reliant on the Nitrate added to her oxygen mix  even though she doesn’t have the typical condition that needs this. Overall she seems a little better again today, still very sick, but going in the right direction.

We were musing today about how Hannah has been a bit left behind in what was meant to be her big welcome home. (she has been back at the hospital full time since Saturday looking after her sister). Even before the girls were born we asked for prayers that they would survive the complications and come into the world safely. Hannah has done incredibly well to be out of hospital before she was even due to be born. She is super popular at the hospital and is like a mascot to the doctors and nurses showing them what their hard work and dedication can actually achieve.

Even though Ellie is in a very difficult place it would be shallow to not acknowledge the amazing answer to prayer that Hannah has already proven to be. Thank you to everyone who has rallied behind Hannah and loved her into life. We still hope the same for her sister but show gratitude for the amazing progress Hannah has made.



Ellie with a her million and one attachments


Hannah resting up in her pram during the day so she can party more at night



Our warrior princess fighting the infections in her sleep



10 thoughts on “Day 91 – Second Half

  1. Hey Debs and Matt,
    Just wanted to pass on our best and to tell Ellie that we’re all sending love and luck her way xx she’s a fighter!!!
    Love Erin & Rhian


  2. I’ve used the word “feisty” in my replies on the blog so many times now but I think that you, Miss Elizabeth Grace, have given the term a whole new meaning – bless your little cotton sox! Just keep on defying odds and predictions!!
    Hannah, what a beautiful photo of you blissfully sleeping while all this drama rages around you – keep transmitting those positive “twin vibes” to your sister.
    Love the “love hearts” that someone (nurse?) has drawn on the tape on E’s forehead… At least, that’s what they look like?
    Earlier today I alluded to the “glass half full” – the positive determination/optimism that you, Deb and Matt, have applied to your daughters is nothing short of inspirational – you’re teaching us all some valuable life lessons!
    Much love xo

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