Day 92 – 40 weeks gestation!!

16/6/16. The girls are not only ‘term’ today but also exactly 3 months old! There was a time when some thought we would never get this far, they obviously didn’t account for some pretty terrific genes and amazing little girls.

Firstly I want to start by saying we reached and exceeded our first blood donation goal!! 61 donations! Thank you to everyone who has donated and Helen for orgainising everything (it means so much to us and will mean a lot to our girls one day) . Ellie has had 7 lots of platelets (requiring more than one donation for each lot) and 2 blood transfusions since she got really sick on Saturday. We may need more donations if we are going to help other people and not just Ellie!

Ellie is doing well, still very sick, but able to give Saturdays consultant a bit of a shock when he looked at the results of one of her blood gases today (because it was such a big improvement). The lovely fellow who sat with Ellie and I on Saturday night said Ellie was out of enough danger for me to not have to stay in Randwick anymore, I will head home when I feel comfortable doing so on Saturday sometime. They are planning on hopefully weening and stopping Ellie’s muscle relaxant (paralytic) overnight, she will still be on morphine and sedatives but will be able to move a little and hopefully do a little breathing on her own again.

They are hoping to get some negative blood cultures over the next two days, showing the antibiotics are doing their job and the infection in going away. Our mighty Warrior Princess has been fighting a strong battle against 3 gram negative infections, some adults are felled by one.

By the time Hannah and I go home on Saturday, Hannah will have spent twice as long at Randwick than home since her discharge. Not many people take their babies who have been home for 4 days on such adventures but she is such an amazing little girl she is handling it very well. All the attention that she receives from the doctors and nurses doesn’t hurt either.



7 thoughts on “Day 92 – 40 weeks gestation!!

  1. Happy term/3months birthday to the dynamic duo. Thrilled to hear that Ellie is showing signs of improvement – what a little stunner she is! Glad Hannah is handling her latest adventure with such class. Deb, hope you can get some decent rest tonight – you are a real champion. Big hugs xo


  2. Happy 3 month birthday beautiful girls! Well done Ellie, you amazing little warrior princess!! Keep proving everyone wrong. I’m sure Hannah being close by is helping Ellie so much. Xx


  3. So great to read this update Deb. Happy 3 month birthday to Hannah and Ellie! Continuing prayers for Ellie’s improvement and of course, for you all. Lots of love xxx


  4. Happy Due Date, you little legends!!! This is the update we’ve all been waiting for! These girls are something special, no doubt about it!


  5. Today’s post has bought relief to all that have prayed so hard for our Little Princess Warrior. We can never underestimate the power of prayer. Love to all xx


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