Day 93

Well Ellie managed to go a whole 36 hours without a platelets transfusion (she had a whole blood one last night) however she is having another lot of platelets tonight.

She came off the muscle relaxant (paralytic) overnight and was very sensitive to touch and noise today. She did open her eyes and smile at me and that was the most amazing thing ever! Ellie did start fighting the ventilator a little bit this afternoon (as anyone would with a tube down their throat) hopefully she doesn’t get too agitated. She is still on morphine and a sedative, so they are doing their best to keep her comfortable – although in order to breath better these will eventually have to be reduced also.

Ellie got her eyes checked today, they look the same which I am told is good – the consultant will check on them next week. We are very lucky that so was able to get them done before she got really sick.

Tomorrow will bring a lumbar puncture (if Ellie is up to it) to see if one of the infections went to her brain. She has been cut back to only one antibiotic. And her latest blood culture is still negative after 24hrs, this is a good thing.

Hannah had a grumpy morning today and managed to vomit what seemed like litres of milk on my one pair of clean pants and the chair and the floor – she kept herself clean. I was in the hospital cafeteria so I hope we didn’t put anyone off their brekky.

The boys will come to visit their baby sister tomorrow it has been quite sometime since they have seen her due to them having colds, it has also been a week since Hannah and I have seen them. It is going to be very nice (and crazy busy) having our family together again.


Sorry I have been slack with photos, I do keep forgetting and my new phone isn’t a big fan of taking photos.


2 thoughts on “Day 93

  1. So much wonderful news of Ellie, but the nicest thing you wrote of is Ellie opening her eyes and smiling at you – if that’s not a Mills and Boon moment, don’t know what is. Must have made the stress of recent times disappear in a heartbeat…
    Perhaps Hannah’s grumpiness and subsequent mess making in the cafeteria (yes Deb, she would have put people off their brekky, especially the childless ones!) was her way of telling you “Mum I just want to go home – that nice place at Waterfall that isn’t a hospital” Soon, Hannah, soon.
    Enjoy your family reunion tomorrow xo


  2. Finally worked out how to comment, Miss Ellie you just keep on being a warrior princess, we are all praying for you to keep making positive progress xoxo


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