Day 94

Well after about 6 weeks we were finally all well enough to have a family day.


The boys reunited with baby sister Ellie.

On a medical front, Ellie is slowly showing progress in the right direction. It is strange to think it was only a week ago I was sitting by Ellie’s bed watching and waiting to see if her numbers improved and praying she didn’t die.

Today she tolerated a lumbar puncture, with a little help from some extra morphine, despite a week ago not tolerating any touch. So far her LP has come back negative (the infection didn’t spread to her brain) Yay. Her latest blood culture is still negative (the antibiotics are killing off the three infections in her body) Yay. Her ventilation requirements are slowly being reduced, as is the last sedative she is on (besides morphine – as we know from the past she may want to hold on to that one for a while).

Our baby girl is still sensitive to noise and light as well as some touch – however we are so amazingly grateful for the progress she has made. We are also thankful to the doctors and nurses who helped Ellie with this progress and who helped Hannah, Matt and I cope with this situation. Not to mention all the incredible support from our parents, family and community to help the boys deal with their Mum and little sis being away for a week. It was hard to once again say bye to Ellie but very nice to be home.



3 thoughts on “Day 94

  1. It’s nice to see some family time after all the trials of the last couple of weeks. Thinking of you always and praying for another solid week of improvement xx


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