Day 95

It was so exciting to go in today and see our little girl open her eyes and interact with the world. She has been on sedation for so long and having her look back with her intent stare was really special. It has however been a very long hospital stay for our princess warrior and there is a new phrase going around Level 3 called the ‘Ellie Diet’. This generally refers to the way whichever Nurse is on Ellie has to eat as quickly as possible to get back to the NICU and check on her stats.

Ellie needs a new long line now to help her get some nutrition now that she is winning the fight against infection. We are quite anxious about this as she always has had trouble with them. She already has had one failed attempt where she cried but settled with dummy and sucrose. A new fellow starts at 9pm and will try again to get the line through her tiny veins.

It seems Ellie is almost over her big scare of infections and can start working towards the long process of becoming independent with her breathing and feeding again.


3 thoughts on “Day 95

  1. It was no doubt wonderful to have Ellie looking at you today, but from her perspective, you must have been a sight for sore eyes – if she could talk, I’m sure she would have told you that. Good luck with the long line and power to you, Miss Ellie, in your many battles.xo

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