Day 96

The traffic must have known it was a Monday today. Just over 3 hours in total of travel allowed a two hour visit, of which Ellie slept for 90 minutes.

That said, all was forgiven when the little warrior princess opened her eyes and happily held daddies hand while playing peekaboo under a blanket. Now that she is off her sedatives Ellie is super sensitive to noise and light and the nurses around her bed are constantly shushing noisy doctors and surgeons as they travel past.

Ellie has many mountains ahead of her still which include

  • Getting a long line into her veins so they can give her nutrients (3 failed attempts so far) – one more attempt tomorrow before alternatives are looked at (one of which is a central line that will require a general anaesthetic to insert).
  • Strengthen her lungs again so she can start to progress with less breathing support
  • Avoid further infection
  • Learn to digest food again (She is on 1ml every 4 hours as of today)
  • Ween off her morphine addiction
  • All the other challenges babies need to face in life

We are both super excited to see her making progress again after holding our breath for a whole week.


Ellie always gives you a long hard look in the eyes when you visit 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 96

  1. All kids love playing in cubby houses, even if they’re just a blanket slung over a chair – so safe, snug and warm. Ellie is getting a head start on cubby games, it seems. Her eyes are so piercing, so aware and so incredibly beautiful xo

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