Day 97

Another two attempts at the long line….. both were unsuccessful, on the bright side she has two brand new cannula’s. An anesthetist will thread a line through a larger vein in theatres hopefully this week. No anesthetic will be required and they will be able to remove it on the ward. This line will probably only last about 10 days, which is hopefully enough time to finish her antibiotics and give her veins a rest.

Ellie seems very hungry the poor thing. She sucks her dummy endlessly and even sucked on the cotton bud that had her nilstat on it (mouth thrush medicine, yuck). She is now receiving 1ml of milk every 2hrs and we are hoping that increases tomorrow.

After being away for two days she looks quite different again. All the swelling seems to be gone and she is a weedy little thing again. Unfortunately I didn’t really get a go experience of her  “so piercing, so aware and so incredibly beautiful” eyes (we really like that description – thanks Aunty Julia). She was mostly asleep while I was there today.

The girls did however display a slightly disturbing habit of never being awake at the same time…. I did have words to them about this and said it would not be on when they are both at home.


PS I got to lift Ellie up today while they changed her ‘nest’, it was so nice to hold her, even if it was just briefly.


At the end of her bed, just in case she gets a new nurse. They will know who they are dealing with – a Warrior Princess

6 thoughts on “Day 97

  1. Deb they are just soooo precious. Hannah has clearly been grossing the general public out with her regurgitation skills again. Love those photos of them together. Who did Ellie’s poster? It’s brilliant. Bet you’re very proud of her. Love Jen. xx


  2. I know you can’t determine the girls’ eye colour just yet, but they both seem to have Daddy’s beautiful brown eyes – will they be your “brown-eyed girls” (Van Morrison)? That will be an upstage of cousin Linda (a beautiful moment at L and B’s wedding). Glad you liked the descriptor – Ellie was eating that camera lens!
    Little Miss Feisty continues to (try!) to drive the agenda – sucking on a cotton bud of Nilstat – “would somebody please give me a bottle of milk!!!!” Ellie, you keep on letting them know what you want and just keep on getting bigger and stronger.
    Whoever out there gave Hannah that pretty top would be thrilled to see how she accessorised it with what Aunty Jen called her regurgitation skills – go Hannah! Remember to keep those twin vibes going to your sister. None of this phase means you get to boss her around later on – she will catch up to you and I think you might have a very strong willed sister on your hands!
    Deb, glad you got to hold Ellie – you must so be missing those hug sessions – soon…

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