Day 99

An add on from yesterday, I forgot to mention Ellie received the trifecta of blood products – plasma, platelets and whole blood – thank you to everyone who has donated. If we want to provide blood products for people other than Ellie don’t forget to keep donating!

In Ellie terms it was a reasonably quiet day today. She had blood taken and a fancy vascular ultrasound – her clot is still there and her other neck vessels are clear. Her new line is working well. Next plan is to ween her morphine a little and try to get her off the ventilator over the next few days.

Tomorrow is Ellie’s 100 day birthday in NICU, it will be a little bitter sweet seeing her still on a ventilator.


I will try to get photos tomorrow – having a newborn in my care is surprisingly taking away from my photography time.


One thought on “Day 99

  1. “Reasonably quiet” is good to hear. Glad the line is working well. 100 days – a phenomenal number to contemplate – hope it’s the beginning of her journey home to her amazing family in the very near future. xo


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