Day 100!

The girls are 41+1 (gestation) or 13+2 weeks old. So basically 3 month old newborns.

Ellie had an incredibly quiet day today. Her morphine was reduced, slightly and she still managed to have a peaceful day. I was worried the ventilation tube would annoy her once the morphine was reduced but no she is being a very patient little girl. Due to her good behaviour, ability to breath better and super human strength fighting off all her bugs – she is being rewarded with a possible extubation tomorrow!!! They will try to reduce the morphine once again tonight in preparation.

Ellie is currently having blood tests every 12 hours (thankfully they only fill mini tubes not the adult sized ones) to ensure she is getting the correct dose of medicine to reduce her clot, so far it has been increased twice. On a different note Ellie’s platelet and full blood count are currently good!!!! Yay, finally.

Ellie is also getting milk! At the moment she is getting 3mls every 2 hours and if she continues to do well this will keep being increased by 1 ml every 12 hours.

Hannah, Levi, Matt and I all went in to visit Ellie today – it was lovely to see her doing so well.



The doctor saw me smile and just had to take photos.


Come home Ellie Belly! It’s fun, promise.


6 thoughts on “Day 100!

  1. Wowsers, Ellie Belly you truly are Super Human! The battles you’ve fought and won so far are mind blowing!
    And Hannah, geez, what a cutie! I love that photo, you look like you’re ready for some mischief with your twinnie!
    Keep it up, mighty girls!


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