Day 101

Bit of a frustrating day today. Ellie’s morphine was reduced so she was cranky and upset about the tube in her mouth. Unfortunately the consultant doesn’t think it is the right time to extubate Ellie, her morphine was back up this afternoon to give her some comfort until it is time to extubate.

There is talk about leaving her intubated until another line can be organised as the one she has will only last til the end of next week and she will potentially be on antibiotics for another 5 weeks.

Hannah on the other hand had a wonderful time on her first ‘boys day’. Matt and Nate bathed her, Levi and Nate both got Hannah hugs and she was happy and settled all day.



One thought on “Day 101

  1. Lovely to see Hannah and her big brothers having cuddles on the couch – all looking resplendent in their very colourful PJs – hopefully Ellie’s turn soon – hanging out in PJs after bathtime is probably seeming like a distant dream for her after the past 100+ days, but I’m sure Ellie’s determination will get her there!
    Hope she “qualifies” for the extubation very soon – she has conquered so many challenges to date, proving everyone’s faith in her, that I’m sure she won’t disappoint. Big hugs xo


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