Day 102

Today was quite an ordinary day which is normally great news as it means Ellie hasn’t had any major problems. That said, it also feels like 22km’s into a marathon. Ellie has come so far and achieved so much but there is still such a long way to go. The daily hospital trips, the stress, and the putting everything else in life on hold, now feel like second nature. We know so many doctors and nurses as friends now and we are one of the most regular faces in NICU.

The current talk is that Ellie has to undergo a 4 or 6 week course of antibiotics, which will mean she will need that central line after all. Which daunts us a little because it means that in six weeks time Ellie is going to have to be intubated again to remove the line and then we are back at square one for her breathing support.

A few of the things pushing us on today are the beautiful, albeit short, moments when Ellie wakes up and says hello, the support from so many family and friends, and the dream of one day bringing our whole family home together. I watched a video someone shared of a premmies journey the other day and the only thing that made me tear up was when they threw a welcome home party for the him.




4 thoughts on “Day 102

  1. A welcome home party sounds fabulous. I’m there and sure there are plenty of party planners to support the idea so you guys will only have to bring the guests of honour. I’ve only run half marathons, but I can tell you backing up for a second right after the first would have me in a heap. Keeping those prayers up for you all. See you soon!! Love Jen. xx


  2. The old saying of not being able to see the forest for the trees is what springs to mind – there is a gigantic stand of old redwoods in Ellie’s way – she’s been ducking and weaving her way through them since Day 1. Every time she thinks she has found her way out of the forest, another stand of trees pops up. One day she’ll emerge from them and you’ll all have the most amazing view of the magnificent forest, not from a hill nearby, but from Princes Highway, Waterfall.
    Apologies for the soppy analogy xo
    PS The welcome home party is going to be a doozie!

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