Day 103

Well, I’m not sure how, but it seems Ellie might have access to this blog. After reading that she is moving slowly and that things will take some time, Ellie decided to hurry things up last night. At 4am she managed to remove her breathing tube all by herself which the nurse only realised when she heard Ellie crying (they can’t cry while intubated). After some frantic rushing around they managed to organise and set up a brand new NAVA machine which she is currently still on.

She seems very happy with her efforts and, although quite tired, she is much more relaxed and content without a large tube stuffed down her throat. (Now she just has a small feed line and a small NAVA line instead). Her oxygen has come right down to 21% meaning she is just breathing normal air with the assistance of the pressure that she still needs. Her milk continues to increase and her morphine will start to decrease.

We still have to wait to see exactly how long her antibiotic course will be as well as what sort of access they will use to give them, but our Princess Warrior  has decided she wants to get the ball rolling now. Other than seeming exhausted from her escapades, Ellie’s stats look really good and she is again impressing her doctors with progress.



Cheeky Ellie seemed quite pleased with her efforts.


Ellie breathing all on her own (for 3 seconds while they changed her mask).




12 thoughts on “Day 103

  1. Guess she decided my forest of giant redwoods needing dealing with by chainsaw – “I can’t see the forest for the trees, I don’t seem to be able to go round the trees, I’ll just chop them down!”
    You might be tiny, Ellie, but you sure are tough – extubating yourself, really? I commented recently that she seems to be trying to drive the agenda, but wasn’t expecting this gigantic an example of it.
    Go Ellie xo


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