Day 104

Wow! What a difference two days makes. Ellie looks amazing, she is happy, not requiring any oxygen and is doing amazingly on NAVA. Ellie is getting more and more milk. There is still talk about what sort of line she will require but they are playing it day by day.

It was a very special day today, thanks to Ellie, I got hugs for the first time in 4 weeks and this afternoon I got to give her a bed bath (a proper wipe down with soap and water). Hannah and Ellie also got some hang out time today.




7 thoughts on “Day 104

  1. Wonderful, wonderful news!!
    Love the fact that in the middle photo I can see their identicalness at play – they are each holding their arms in exactly the same position – Ellie’s wide eyed stare at Hannah so cute “Wait! Don’t I know you??”
    I’ll bet those hugs were worth waiting for xo

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    • Aunty Julia. Haha! I didn’t notice that. They are doing the same thing in the photo below too. I will have to check my other photos from their session together. We were probably to busy trying to get them to hold hands to notice!


      • Yep, it is funny and very cute – I think that in the fullness of time, there will be no need to try to get them to hold hands – they’ll be doing lots of it on their very own. With the disparity in size and progress, it’s often (at least for me) been a case of thinking of Ellie as Hannah’s little sister and almost forgetting they are IDENTICAL twins – precious x 2!


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