Day 105

More hugs today!!! I hugged them differently today so their bodies were wrapped around mine and their heads were together in front of me (I will try to post photos tomorrow). The first 15 minutes were adorable, they were both awake and interacting (as much as newborns do), truly a beautiful twin moment. And then….. Hannah got tired and started wacking Ellie in the face, some how Ellie very subtly pushed Hannah off the pillow they were lying on (Ellie went from being on the side to smack bang in the middle) Ellie then promptly fell asleep and Hannah stayed awake demanding Mummy’s attention be on her and not on the miniature version of herself. Needless to say it was a very special 1 1/2 hours and I loved it!

Medical wise, there is still talk of a surgical line however I spoke to the surgeon today and she said Ellie would not have to go to theatres to get it out. However the doctors are thinking of alternatives to avoid Ellie being re-intubated. Otherwise her breathing support and morphine are slowly coming down everyday and milk is making up 2/3 of her feeds (the rest is special TPN given intravenously).

I feel we are still only half way through our marathon but we have come to a slight downhill section giving us a little break, but we are all (especially Ellie) still working hard.



2 thoughts on “Day 105

  1. How nice that you got to deal with good old fashioned sibling rivalry, enjoying your twin hugs – beats dealing with intense medical crisis moments, I’ll bet.
    Can only hope and pray that the medical plan for Ellie’s progress has the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time – would like to think that this “slight downhill section” is the start of the home straight!


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