Day 106

Well when I arrived today Ellie had been on CPAP for about 2 minutes already!!! They are still using the NAVA machine at this stage so they can monitor her closely, but it is just on a CPAP setting. Go Ellie!

Ellie’s feeds have also been increased substancially, 180ml/kg/day. 2/3 of that is milk!

Hugs were a bit different today just due to different circumstances. I was just having a quicker hug with Ellie in my lap while Hannah was peacefully sleeping in the pram. Well she didn’t stay peaceful and wasn’t willing to settle for the nurse. My friend took this for me – she had a big grin on her face.


Mum to twins. I may need extra hands.



4 thoughts on “Day 106

  1. What a beautiful photo of a beautiful, smiling, happy Mummy! You apparently just need to grow a second set of arms – minor detail, you’ve accomplished so much in the last few months as Supermum – a second set of arms should be no problem!
    BRILLIANT, Ellie – CPAP, more feeds – keep the good news coming – yaaaaaaay!!


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