Day 107

The girls are now 15 weeks and 2 days old or 42+1 gestation. I can remember hoping to get to 25 weeks. It’s been a long 8 months (when the girls first starting show signs of trouble), but thanks to so much support from all those around us we have made it – so have our amazing girls. Just another 20 odd years to go and hopefully life will be a little easier!

Ellie is still doing well. She is now 2.2kgs. She also pooed on me today, cheeky girl. The nurse who Ellie surprised on Sunday night by crying while intubated has says Ellie deserves a gold star and that she is very proud of her efforts. The doctors and nurses that come to visit her and haven’t seen her for a week or so are pleasantly surprised at how well she is doing.

I also have to say I have never seen so much tape on a baby to hold in feeding tubes….. She is getting a reputation.



Ellie with her face of tape.


Hannah chilling in her pram.


Twin hugs and a smile from Hannah.


One thought on “Day 107

  1. You should all feel proud of just how far you’ve come after such a shaky start followed by the rollercoaster ride you’ve been on.
    2.2kg a very impressive number, Miss Ellie – keep it up.
    Hannah does “chilling” very well – she looks so relaxed.
    Having a lap full of babies somehow suits you, Deb – something to do with being so well cut out for motherhood xo


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