Day 108

Ellie has had another good day and has made small progress with a 10ml increase in her milk feeds and another reduction in her morphine requirements. She also managed a two hour hug with Dad which is the first hug for quite a time (the last hug was just before she got really sick). It was really nice to hold my little girl again and was even worth missing the sausage sizzles at the voting booths.

The next big step forward is when they scan her jugular vein to see if the thrombosis has cleared. This will be on Monday or Tuesday. If Ellie can surprise the doctors with a clot free vein she has a really good chance of not needing to undergo anesthetic and reintubation in order to finish her antibiotic course.

3 thoughts on “Day 108

  1. Ellie, you’ve surprised the experts at so many points, time to surprise them again when they scan your neck next week.
    Matt, happy for you that you got to cuddle your little girl again (even if it meant missing out on a sausage sizzle at the voting booth!) – must have meant a tremendous amount to you after all the recent trials. Love to all xo


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