Day 110

Ellie decided to be awake for Daddy’s visit today and it was so nice being able to interact with her. The morning started off very positive with an awake and alert girl who was making great progress:

  • She is now totally off her Morphine
  • Her clot was due to be scanned today
  • She put on 140 grams in the last 3 days (Now 2.37kg)
  • They even talked of giving her a short stint on high flow and a suck on a bottle!

After another great hug session with Dad she went back to sleep and I went for a walk into Randwick feeling very excited for our little girl. I returned less than an hour later to give her a try at a bottle to find she was still very very sleepy. It is amazing how quickly things change for these premmie bubs and it never fails to catch us by surprise. We don’t really know if there is any reason for concern quite yet, but signs of lethargy do set off warning bells. They are on alert now for low blood levels which would be a much better result than another infection in her line.

We are hoping (and praying) when Deb goes in again tomorrow she can find Ellie in as good a state as when I visited her this morning. If she is low on blood it will just be a matter of giving her a top up overnight. We are also anxiously awaiting the ultra sound on her jugular to see if the clot has gone, which would be fantastic news.


Ellie in the morning – alert and ready to play


Ellie in the afternoon – All [prepped for high flow but to sleepy to actually try it.


3 thoughts on “Day 110

  1. Wow she’s doing so well! Fingers crossed she was just tired or can be pepped up with a transfusion. We will be at the growth and development clinic and have to pop into the nicu tomorrow, will keep an eye out for while we’re there xx


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