Day 111

Well I hope we didn’t worry to many people with our post last night. So after having a very sleepy afternoon, Ellie was up all night – very agitated, getting the sweats (but no temps), can anyone guess??? Yep our little darling was withdrawing, again. When I arrived this morning she was still quite agitated and we got straight into hugs. She calmed down quite quickly and enjoyed her sisters company, at 12 she got her first dose of oral morphine (which will now be weened even slower than the intravenous stuff). She waited 1/2 hour for it to kick in and promptly fell in to a deep relaxed sleep. It was the first time for me that Ellie has enjoyed hugs, normally she tolerates them for about 1 1/2hrs and then demands to go back to bed. But not only did they calm her today her oxygen requirement dropped slightly (normally it goes up when I hug her), due to this compliance I got a whopping 4 1/2 hours of hugs today! Hannah got fed twice during them and she disappeared on me a couple of times (the nurses finished her feeds off for me) and it was just really, really nice.

Ellie is low on blood, however because she is so old now they are giving her til tomorrow night to try and replenish it herself. Her clot got scanned this afternoon, we don’t really know exact results except it is still there. However the best news is they finally decided on the length of her antibiotic course – 4 weeks, only one week and two days to go. I am desperately hoping this means no more lines! Her current femoral line that was only meant to last til last Friday is still looking good at this stage. My hope is this line and cannulas (if needed) can get her to the end of her antibiotic course and then no more lines! (unless she needs blood….but they are only in for a few hours – so no more lines!)




2 thoughts on “Day 111

  1. Love the photos Deb – Ellie “eye balling” Hannah and chilled out Hannah. Love those chubby cheeks just want t squish them 💖 I can see the likeness in Hannah, Nate and you and waiting for the curls to appear! I hope and pray Ellie keeps defying the odds and moving forward x x


  2. That long hug session must have been so satisfying for you, Deb. Hopefully Ellie was drawing a lot of comfort from her sister, peeking out at her and feeling her close by (gorgeous photos!) “I want some cheeks like hers!”
    Hope you get some good news about the clot soon and yes, no more lines would be a real leap forward for her – crossing fingers and toes xo


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