Day 112 – 16 weeks old (42+6)

Wow 16 weeks, no wonder I can’t remember being pregnant anymore!

Ellie was much happier today, her oxygen requirement is back down to 25%, she isn’t agitated and she is sleeping peacefully – but still reacting when people annoy her (eg. changing her nappy). She is also going back to her old Ellie ways of pooing 2 seconds into hugs and then crying until she get put back into bed (I guess there are some benefits of having a baby going through withdrawals- they like hugs!)

Ellie’s clot is still there, despite the prolonged course of clexane, they are putting this down to the clot being older then they first realised. The consultant is happy to stop the clexane when Ellie’s femoral line comes out and then just monitor the clot via special vascular ultrasounds. He antibiotics will stoop around the same time as well.

Ellie is now on full milk feeds with just a small amount of clear fluid running through her line to keep it open. She also had another big weight gain today, she is now just shy of 2.5kgs.



Sister love

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