Day 113 – 3 weeks corrected

Well, I didn’t make it in to the hospital today. Nate had been unwell last night, when I asked him how he was this morning he said fine – until I told him I was going to the hospital (again) and he was being babysat (again), then suddenly his tummy felt very sore. Matt is away with work so as guilty and heart broken as I feel, it was a good decision – I felt very refreshed until I had 3 kids to feed and put to bed. Might have been OK until Hannah threw up everywhere – thank you reflux.

So anyway Ellie. She had a lovely nurse on today who snuck in some hugs with her and told her her Mummy loved her very much and would see her tomorrow. She had a very settled day. Her oxygen requirement has gone up slightly and her hemoglobin (blood count) has dropped slightly, however they are still confident she can build this up on her own, I think it’s a little unfair that they keep taking blood from her to check and she if she is making more.

They are going to start adding a cocktail of proteins and fats to her formula, I believe it is to help her either gain weight or continue growing more quickly, a 2.5kg 3 week old is quite small, I’m not 100% sure because I didn’t get to chat to the doctors today however the nurse mentioned it was usually used on long term NICU babies. Ellie is currently the longest and oldest standing resident in level 3.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring hugs, good news, more information, healthy kids and Matt home.


Some much needed inspiration for all of us, you included!


This it at the end of Ellie’s bed. I read it to her regularly, just in case she forgets (she hasn’t yet).



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